Business and executive coaching

Peak performance, within reach

Bringing together high quality coaches and high performing individuals, in a seamless coaching process supported by a technology solution that produces measurable and sustainable results

What we do

Altitude22 is a flexible, efficient, and effective coaching service for coaches, coachees and organisations. We work with high performing individuals anywhere in the world to unlock their potential through self-awareness, goal setting and actions.

  • Connect

    Our unique matching system makes it easy to connect with the right coach. Coaches are selected and approved by Altitude22 based on a strict set of criteria.

  • Engage

    Our coaching programs include regular meetings with a dedicated coach, relevant content and a seamless digital solution to keep users engaged.

  • Achieve

    Altitude22’s digital solution helps users to set and monitor goals and follow through. By staying prepared, engaged and on-track, goals become achievable.

Reach your full potential

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Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.

Sir Winston Churchill

How it works

An innovative digital platform that provides ongoing support and engagement throughout the coaching process. Anytime, anywhere.

  • Get matched

  • Start program

  • Define goals

  • Schedule coaching sessions

  • Communicate

  • Complete to-dos

  • Reflect and journal

  • Join our Alumni program

  • Overview

    The dashboard makes it easy to prepare for upcoming sessions and keep track of goals and to-dos.

  • Communicate

    Between meetings, coaches and coachees can connect easily and efficiently.

  • To-dos

    Weekly to-dos keep you engaged and committed to your goals.

Who we are

Altitude22 Limited is co-founded by Mia Bourgeois and Hanna Raftell, born from their own needs and insights as managers, leaders, coachees, and mentors. Together, they share a determination to realize the ultimate coaching journey for all stakeholders: sponsor, coachee and coach; enabling individuals and organizations to reach their goals and maximize their potential.

  • Mia Bourgeois

    Co-Founder of Altitude22

    Mia is a creative and accomplished financial services executive with more than 18 years of experience garnered from international positions in leading global organizations such as Goldman Sachs, UBS and Nomura, and as an independent director and advisor. She is recognized as a leader with strengths in driving strategic and culture change, motivating and coaching sales teams, launching new business initiatives and delivering results. As the co-founder of Altitude22, she brings international leadership and product development know-how plus a wealth of experience in the successful execution of complex projects.

  • Hanna Raftell

    Co-Founder of Altitude22

    Hanna is an accomplished executive with vision and drive in equal measures within the Banking and Finance industry. Utilizing 20 years’ experience in both Asia and Europe, she has successfully developed and managed high performance sales teams, driving sales operations to higher levels of productivity through strategic sales methods and a proactive approach to new business. As the co-founder of Altitude22, she integrates extensive managerial and business experience with unyielding determination, and uses talent management, motivational understanding, mentoring and coaching in order to foster consistent outstanding growth.